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1GM Gold Rings. Flexible. Fits all sizes.

Care Instructions

Please store all 1GM Gold Jewelry only in the original box provided. The cotton pad found inside the box is treated with special anti tarnish chemicals to prevent discoloration. To ensure years of enjoyment of this jewelry please follow the LOFO (Last On First Out) rule. This simply means put on the jewelry last (after you dress up, apply make up and/or perfume) and just before you leave for the function. Remove the jewelry first as you come back home (before you change clothes and remove make up). Please remember to avoid contact with makeup, oil, perfume, fragrance and/or any product that contains alcohol and chemicals. They will discolor and ruin your jewelry. If you sweat when you have the jewelry on and/or it may come in contact with water remember to wipe it thoroughly with a cotton cloth /tissue before placing in the box.


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