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Whether you keep it in the bank, safe or in your home Is your jewelry protected from loss and theft?

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Everybody loves owning beautiful jewelry. Most of you take care to store your valuables at the bank. Often times it happens; in the rut of our busy lives and schedules, by the time you remember on Friday it is too late to bring from the bank for your weekend event. Having precious items is awesome however if you can't use it when you want it is a bummer. 

Why do we keep it in safe deposit at the bank? Obviously we are afraid of theft. Your valuables are definitely safe but unfortunately you can't use it. Hint: INSURANCE. A lot of us believe our homeowner's policy covers it. It is a misnomer. Most homeowners policy has a minimal coverage of under $5000.00. Sadly we realize this only after a loss has occurred. Why? Well we all know we do not read every line in the policy. There is great news however.

The insurance company that insures our business and most of the nation's jewelry industry offers insurance for your personal property. Jewelers Mutual is the largest insurer of jewelry in the USA. In fact its there only business. Visit www.JewelersMutual.com  and click on the Personal Jewelry Insurance tab. You will be able to get quotes immediately. Do yourself a favor today. Take the step mentioned above and protect your valuables. As always feel free to call us 877 374 2261 if you have questions.

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