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Replacement value appraisal for your jewelry.

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We all are very smart and invest wisely at the best price when buying jewelry. That's great however in my professional experience as a fifth generation family jeweler I have come across an unfortunate fact. Often folks contact me when they have a loss and need to file a claim. They don't have the receipt or appraisal for the items lost. They want to find out what can be done as the insurance company wants receipt/appraisal to reimburse.

Sadly I am of little help in the situation. I can't provide an appraisal without the item. Please don't fall in this situation. We provide Retail replacement Appraisal Service. In my blog forThursday October 1st 2015 I had suggested getting coverage from Jewelers Mutual. They require appraisal for every item you insure. We provide you with professional appraisals that satisfy their requirement. Call 877 Eshaan-1(374-2261) for details and schedule an appraisal.

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