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American Diamonds

1 Gram Gold jewelry featuring American Diamond stones is the best and most elegant style of fashion jewelry ever made. These pieces are individually handcrafted by the same artists who create exqusite and high end gold and diamond jewelry in India. These skilled artisans are known as Babus in the trade language. The word has its origin in West Bengal. Men are generally referred as Babu in Bengali language. Even today except for South India all diamond jewelry is made by the Babus who originate from West Bengal but have settled all over India. We have teamed with the most talented Babus to create the jewelry seen on our site with the same precision, detail and quality as in real diamond jewelry. We gurantee you two things. One pictures don't do justice to the items seen on the site. They are 100 times more fabulous in person and Two you will be blown away by the quality. Infact we guarantee no one will be able to notice they are not real diamonds and gems. We hope you will try them for years of enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of real especially with our introductory savings of 50% off the regular price. Click here to view the collection.


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